About P2L

P2L is a learning based program designed to make online tutoring come easy to teachers and students alike. Ranging from kindergarten to grade 12, this multitutor, multicourse platform allows freedom in learning for aspiring excellent samaritans eager to contribute to the community whether it is through artistic creation or the exploration of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). P2L creates the ideal learning environment and will serve as the harbinger for educational academic interests and provoke desired urges to educate young minds.

Why P2L

Have existing students? They can use our platform. Need new students? Look on our platform. Old students, choice of new students, and a thriving platform at an affordable price! P2L is a recipe for effective learning, teaching, and carries an abundance of opportunities for not just the teachers but your students as well. Your young inquiring minds will grow to appreciate the countless opportunities P2L has to offer and you will surely have the chance to grow your career on this platform alone. Easy to use, effective, and forever growing, we are a tool at your disposal.

Student Management

Student Dashboard

Learning is a perpetual process. It is constant throughout our lives and more so outside of the classroom. It is every teacher's wish to engage within their students learning as much as possible in or out of school. On our platform students are given access to a “student dashboard”. It will be accessible around the clock free of restraints, students will be able to view upcoming lessons, their attendance, email history, leave notes for the teacher to see and any other requisite demands their teacher may ask of them. Students will perceive and avail themselves to and operate the dashboard with efficiency due to its easy set up. Student dashboard plays the role of a desk that a student finds in a classroom but is more organized and effective and will benefit the student exponentially and provide a chance to educate out of the classroom.

Email Notification

Life is a series of gears. Like clockwork we are in a never-ending cycle, always moving, always meeting deadlines. Want to hold the value of your time intact by ensuring it isn’t wasted? P2L can assist your classroom during their busy lives by enabling you to find coherently efficient times to send your student body notifications in the form of their preferred email to corroborate higher classroom turnout and create a stress-free learning domain at your predisposed service.

Student Body

Managing a class of students is often never “a piece of cake”. P2L strives to make your lives easier. The platform is made to allow tutors such as yourself to monitor student progression, save information, and make changes when necessary whenever you please. A cooperative platform like P2L is hard to come by. Not impressed? P2L enables you to store contact info, create lesson plans and make notes as well as log hours, and whatever else you may require. P2L fails to disappoint.


Time Efficiency

Quick to access inbuilt calendars, scheduling and rescheduling processes, time availability slots, and freedom of management. Sounds like a dream. We are the dream, we provide it and we recommend our easy to use customizable calendar with every possible feature you could ask for to make the most out of every 24 hours that we do not want to waste. Your time is of utmost importance to our administrative team.

Private/Group Lessons

Individualism lies at the core of every child younger and older. It dictates our personality, our interests, and even our learning strengths and weaknesses. Every student learns differently, some more so than others. P2L is an open platform with an abundance of freedom and one of our most prized features is enabling teachers with the ability to create privatized or group lessons to fit the accommodations of their students.